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Collecting Money

Some bloggers do blogging just for fun and some others use their blog as money machine, and I use my blog for both. To collect money online is difficult and easy, it depends on the blog quality. Huff... Talking about quality of the blog  will never end because there are so many ways to improve the blog quality. And at this time I do not get you to talk about it, I just wanna you read this story and learn from Nasreddin's idea, here is the story

Nasreddin was collecting some money from his neighbours. Whenever he came to his neighbour he always said, " Brother, I'm collecting money to pay a poor man's debt. I must do it because he is not able to pay back the money."

One of his neighbours said, That's a very good act!" Then, he gave Nasreddin several coins. He said further, " you're right, Nasreddin. We have to take a pity on the poor.
But, Who is the poor man that you help now?"

"it's me, " said Nasreddin, walking away quickly.

Several months later, Nasreddin came to the same neighbour again. The neighbour looked cynical.

He said, " Nasreddin, I know you come again to talk about the poor man that is not able to pay his debt. And you want to collect money to help him."

"Yes, you're right."

" And the poor who has a debt is yourself, " said the neighbour.

"No, not this time. The poor person is Ali, " he answered.

The neighbour smiled. He said, " I'm glad to hear that. You really do something good for others. Here you are my alms."

The man handed several coins. Nasreddin accepted them gladly. Then he walked away.

"Wait, Nasreddin, If I may know, what makes you so concerned about others' problems?" asked the neighbour.

"You know, it's me who lend him the money, " Nasreddin answered and walked away.

(ref. The humorous story of Nasreddin ~ the clever man, retold by Sugeng Hariyanto)


Dhana/戴安娜 mengatakan...

greeting for you
ehm for this collecting money i just litle can andersatnd xixixix good luck yach

M.Nurudin mengatakan...

HUohoho thanks...!:malu2

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