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Hiding from a Thief

Hehee..Hiding from a thief,  Is it crazy or brilliant idea? Just read it !

One night a thief was breaking into Nasreddin's house. Coincidentally Nasreddin saw it. Then he hid in a big box in the corner of the room quickly.

The thief started searching for money or jewelery in the house. He opened the cupboards, drawers, wardrobe but he could not find anything. He was almost desperate and wanted to go out through the window. When he walked to the window he saw a big box in the corner of Nasreddin's bedroom near the window. He was glad because he thought that there was jewelery or much money inside.
The box was tightly locked from inside. Yet, he could open the door hardly. He was very surprised to find Nasreddin inside the box. The thief was angry and said, "Hey, what are you doing here?"

"I hide from you," said Nasreddin.
"I'm ashamed because I don't have anything that you can take. That's the reason why I hide here," answered Nasreddin.

(Ref. Nasreddin ~ A man with thousands of ideas Retold by Sugeng Hariyanto)

Oh my God, Nasreddin did a crazy idea, Do you agree on Nasreddin's idea?


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